Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats

Serve images in WebP, JPEG 2000 or JPEG XR formats. Images in these formats are smaller in size as compared to JPEG / PNG formats.

What it means?

With WebP, JPEG 2000 or JPEG XR formats, the same image can be delivered to the browser in smaller size - leading to faster load times. However, not all browsers support these formats. As a result, when delivering images in these formats, one should ensure fallback formats (JPG / PNG) are provided for non-supporting browsers.

Our Recommended Format:

We recommend WebP format over JPEG 2000 or JPEG XR because WebP is supported by more number of browsers in comparison to the other two formats (refer caniuse.)

Delivering WebP Images:

To delivery WebP images with adequate fallback formats, please refer this how-to.

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