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Case Study

Read how we helped SocialPilot tune their website speed to improve their user experience and, in-turn, the rate of new user registration.

Performance Improvement Case Study

Track and Analyze Your Website Speed

Track your visitors' speed experience.
Know how fast your website loads for your visitors and understand when exactly is it slow. This could be for a certain segment of visitors, web pages or at a certain load volume.
Find the impact of speed on conversions. Segment your conversions by visitors' speed experience to understand how the speed experience affects visitor behavior and your conversions.

Read more or check out a live demo of Tezify Speed Analytics.

Monitor Your Lighthouse Scores

Monitor your website speed.

Read more or check out a live demo of Lighthouse Scores Monitoring.

Get Your Website Speed Optimized

Optimize your website speed today.
Know the right speed metrics and tools for your website. Undertake a goal driven speed optimization exercise. Track how optimizations affect your visitors' speed experience.
Apply optimizations that give biggest bang for the buck. Let us work closely with your tech team to implement effective optimizations despite legacy issues and limitations.

Contact us to know how we can help achieve your website speed targets.