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Lighthouse monitoring and notification as a service

Know When Your Website Speed Degrades

Our service monitors your PageSpeed Score daily and alerts you when it degrades.

Start Monitoring your Site Speed

How It Works

You provide a bunch of URLs from your site.
Typically, these would be the most popular pages on your site that you seek to monitor for any speed degrade.
Our service monitors Lighthouse scores for the provided URLs.
Every day, automatically, to check for any possible degradation. You can monitor and analyze these captured scores any time.
We send an email alert when the Lighthouse scores degrade.
This ensures you know about the speed degrade before your visitors experience it.
You use our comparison feature to identify what change caused the degrade.
Faster root causing helps faster addressing of the speed degrade.

Get Email Alerts When Speed Degrades

Our service automatically detects & alerts you when your site speed degrades. This saves you from constant monitoring of your site speed & minimizes chances of missing a speed degrade.

Speed degrade alert

Our algorithm detects a speed degrade & alerts you at the right time.

Receive an email alert when your speed score declines.

Customize the level of degrade at which you want to be alerted.

Refer back to past tests that raised alerts (red dots) to know when the speed degraded.

See a Live Demo of how our service detects speed degrades.

Compare Test Runs to Identify Cause of Speed Degrades

Get a side-by-side comparison of how the files (JS, CSS, Images, HTML) loaded for two runs. This helps you identify why the speed degraded.

PageSpeed score comparison

Visually compare how page loading snapshots changed between the two runs.

Find out which of the speed measures changed between the two runs.

VCompare requests to find if a new third party or an increase in size of JS, Images, CSS or HTML caused the degrade.

See a Live Demo of our comparison feature.

Automatic Daily Testing of PageSpeed Score

Pages Behind Login

Our service integrates with HTTP Cookie Headers and Puppeteer to allow you to monitor pages behind login screen.

Reliable Measurements

We leverage high end AWS instances to ensure the Lighthouse Scores are reliable and devoid of any variation due to client / browser side issues.

Accurate Device Simulation

We simulate device & network conditions that reflect real-world situations. This keeps your Lighthouse scores realistic.

Devtools Logs and Waterfall Charts

Our tests capture not just Lighthouse reports but also Devtools logs for you to access waterfall charts (like this one).

Start Monitoring your Site Speed

Fix your website speed degradation before your customers experience it: