Tezify provides products & services related to Website Speed & Scalability. We started in 2017 with a goal of helping B2C websites with a large mobile-user footprint run faster. We started with a single speed tracking product. With passing time & customer feedback, we introduced optimization service & page speed monitoring products.

Punit Sethi

Punit Sethi

Punit is the all-things-guy at Tezify. Having worked as a Software Performance techie for last 12 years, he has experience with all things performance on multiple tech stacks. This includes React, NextJS, Magento, MySQL, Postgres SQL, Varnish, Redis, Python, AWS Ecosystem (Auto Scaling, Lambda, EC2, SQS, etc). Beyond technologies, he has experience in building horizontally scalable architectures.

Speaking History : JSFoo (Coimbatore, 2019) , Fragments (Ahmedabad, 2019)

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Why Tezify?

At Tezify, we primarily focus on front-end performance. This is based on a decade old Performance Golden Rule by Steve Souders : "80-90% of the end-user response time is spent on the frontend. Start there."

80-90% of the end-user response time is spent on the frontend. Start there. - Steve Souders

But, often after optimizing client-side performance (like reducing JS bundles, optimizing images, etc), we find opportunities to improve things on the server side. That's where we also help scale websites & build servers that respond fast.