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Faster Website

Improve Your Site Speed & Scalability

Get code changes, not just recommendations or audit reports.
Measurement driven engagements to quantify gains from efforts.
Build a site architecture that can leverage cloud's scalability.

What Sets Us Apart

Deliver Code, Not Best Practices
We deliver actual code and configuration changes. This allows us to work through your legacy or technology stack challenges. It also allows anyone to deploy & quantify the benefit of our changes.
Stay Measurement Driven
We constantly measure the gains from our changes. This ensures that we deliver the most impactful changes.
Marketing Aware Implementations
Our Tech SEO knowledge ensures we keep speed optimizations SEO friendly. We setup PWA, AMP, CDN, etc after analyzing the website's marketing metrics.
Architecting For Scale
We optimize server architecture to best leverage AWS services. We build resiliency into website delivery to ensure high reliability.

Service Offerings

Faster Website
Frontend Speed Optimization
Optimize ReactJS, NextJS & Vanilla JS based front-ends
Setup front-end build process to ensure optimizations stay consistent
Optimize image delivery
Leverage CDN compute (AWS lambda, Cloudflare workers) to improve frontend delivery
PWA & AMP Implementation
Implement PWA caching
Implement AMP for content pages
Setup AMP pages generation mechanism for future content pages
Server-side Scalability
Build horizontally scalable components to leverage Cloud's scalability
Create resilient architecture to improve site reliability
Setup caching mechanism to absorb traffic spikes
Tech SEO
Ensure speed optimizations are in-tune with SEO practices
Ensure content delivery is search engine friendly

To know how we improved the site speed & scalability for our past clients, please Contact Us.