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Get Speed Insights for Your Website

Track your visitors’ speed experience to identify the biggest opportunities for speed optimization.

Analyze your website speed
Visitor Attributes
Know if your website is slow for visitors using a certain device, network or geo-location. Segment your website’s speed data by visitors’ speed attributes to find if a certain visitor attribute affects your website’s speed experience.

Web Pages
Find if a certain section of your website is slower than the rest. Determine the slowest of your most popular web-pages to quickly uncover the most impactful optimizations.

Site Load
Understand your Site’s load pattern and it’s effect on your website speed. Find if slowness during peak load affects your site goals.

Know the Business Impact of Your Website's Speed

Users devices to access your website
Your site loads at different speed for different users. This happens due to a host of factors - difference in visitors' network, device or geo-location or your site load.

Your visitors get affected by your website speed
Track how visitors' speed experience affects their behavior. Segment your conversions, bounce rate and session metrics by speed. Quantify how speed affects visitor behavior and your conversion rates.

Measure the gains from speed improvements
Measure the potential gain from speed optimizations. Make data-driven prioritization for optimizing your website speed with an eye on your business metrics.

Start Tracking Your Website Speed Today

No credit card required.
Free trial tracks one month's visits (upto 500k hits) to your website with all the analytics features enabled. This provides you information on your website's speed and it's impact on your conversions.

Example Insights from Tezify Tracking

Bounce rate for your paid traffic increases by 35% when your landing page takes more than 3 seconds to display.

Clothing/ Apparels
Site speed degraded by 20% during peak sale hours. This was caused by an increase in server response time during this duration.

Online Training
Sign-up page is the slowest in path to user sign-up. It took more than 5 seconds to load for 40% of the visits.

Flight Booking
40% of your hits are from visitors on mobile devices. Half of these loaded in more than 3 seconds.

Hotel Booking
75% of the hits to room detail pages loaded in more than 3 seconds. This section forms 25% of your traffic and is slowest among various sections.

Bounce rate for your blog post pages increases by 24% when your page takes more than 3 seconds to display, which happens for 45% of your total hits.

Setting up Tezify Tracking

Embed a single code snippet. Exactly the way you start tracking with Google Analytics.

Customize your Tracking
Add your site goals, custom visitor attributes or perform other tracking alterations by adding options to your tracking snippet.Refer to our documentation section here.

Tracking Custom Speed Events
Add W3C's User Timing API calls and Tezify will automatically capture these calls. No additional changes/ setup needed.