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Key Features

Improve Your Server Response Time

Accelerate delivery of your HTML pages and not just your static files.

Leverage Our Global Distribution Network

Deliver your site from closer to where your visitors are. Closer locations means faster delivery.

Achieve Peak Performance During Traffic Spikes

Handle traffic spikes smoothly with our scalable infrastructure. Prevent your infrastructure from the stress of unexpected traffic surge.

Seamless Integration

We own the task of integrating our product with your website. We sell you a solution - not just a product.
Speed-boost integration
We configure our product for your website.
We handle your technology stack intricacies and delivery infrastructure specifics.
We tailor our solution to work with your development & deployment workflow.

Global Distribution Network

Our Content Distribution Network is built on top of Amazon AWS and benefits from it's global reach.

Tezify Speed Boost Distribution Locations


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