Custom Visitor Attributes

Speed data tracked by Tezify can be filtered by Visitor attributes. This allows you to analyze the speed behavior of a certain category of visitors separately. For example, you may want to analyze the speed behavior of your Mobile visitors and PC visitors separately.

You can also break-down your Site’s speed data by any of the visitor attributes. For example, you can see how fast your homepage loaded for your visitors in different countries along with the number of visitors from each of these countries.

This page lists the Visitor attributes Tezify tracks out-of-the-box. To track custom visitor attributes such as visitor’s logged-in state or a first-time versus repeat visitor, you can add the following lines in the tracking snippet with adequate value for the attribute.

window.wto.dimensions = {}
window.wto.dimensions.AttributeName = 'attributeValue'

The value to the attribute above can be a Javascript variable that contains the right value for that visit / session.