Changing Bounce Duration

By default, a page-visit is considered unbounced if a visitor stays on the page for more than 30 seconds. This duration can be changed for any page by adding the following line to the Tezify tracking snippet for that page:

window.wto.bounceTime = timevalueinmilliseconds

Note that the duration in the above statement is notified in milliseconds. The above change will also affect the duration consideration for exit rate. A page-visit during a session is not considered exited if the visitor stays on the page longer than the time specified by window.wto.bounceTime property.

Alternatively, if it is desired that a visit is considered unbounced only if visitor visits another page on the site (and not also by duration of time a visitor spends on the current page), it can be achieved by setting the unBounceByTime flag to false.

window.wto.unBounceByTime = false

Changing Session Duration

All the page-visits to your site by a single visitor are considered part of a single session till the session times out. By default, a session times out if no new page-visit from a user is received for 30 minutes. You can change this session duration by adding the following line to your Tezify tracking snippet:

window.wto.sessionLength = timevalueinminutes

Note that this duration is specified in minutes.