Analysis available from Out-of-the-box Tracking

The screens below summarize the kind of analysis that becomes available with out-of-the-box tracking snippet added to your website. Note that the demo provides a much better idea of the available analysis.

  • Impact of Page speed on Page bounce rate, exit rate and time spent by visitors on Page.

    Page Hits and Conversions sliced by their loading speed

  • Impact of Session speed experience on Session duration and pages per Session.

    Session conversions sliced by visitor's session speed

  • Break-down of your visitor's speed experience by their geolocation, device and network type.

    Break-down of visitors speed experience by their speed attributes

  • Your Site speed over-time

    Site speed and bounce rate over a month

If the above screens pique your interest, have a look at the demo to understand Tezify out-of-the-box capabilities better.